shower bases

The Bathroom Central shower base collection provides an evergrowing array of styles and sizes. Manufactured to high sanitary standards.
Our bases have a beautiful high gloss white finish.

Have a non standard shower base size requirement?
Give us a call and we will endeavour to find you what you need or offer a close substitute.

Stonelite Square and Rectangle Bases

760x760 R/O $330
CIVIC 820x820 R/O $199
820x820 C/O $260
CIVIC 900x900 R/O $199
CIVIC 900x900 C/O $199
CIVIC 1000x1000 R/O $299
CIVIC 1000x1000 C/O $299
1200x900 R/O $300
1500x900 R/O $730
1800x900 R/O $1000

CIVIC Stonelite Corner Bases

914x914 neo angle R/O $250
914x914 neo angle C/O $250
1000x1000 neo angle R/O $350
1000x1000 neo angle C/O $350

LOUVE Acrylic and SMC Bases

900x900 R/O $199
900x900 C/O $230
900x900 *low profile* R/O $218
900x900 *low profile* C/O $218
1000x1000 C/O $320
1200x900 *low profile* R/O $285
1200x900 R/O $299

1000x1000 neo angle corner C/O $285

Curved Polymarble Shower Bases

914x914 R/O $320
914x914 C/O $320
1000x1000 R/O $375
1000x1000 C/O $375


With a crisp white high gloss finish our Stonelite bases are made from stone particles and polyester resin and when mixed together create a marble like finish.

SMC and Acrylic

Our SMC shower bases have a low profile and can be installed on concrete and timber. SMC uses fibre reinforced polymers, moulded with heat and pressure resulting in a strong yet lightweight option and are around 50% lighter than stone resin counterparts