shower glass doors + panels

Whether you desire frameless, chrome framed or black framed,
our shower glass door and return panel range will give you the
fresh look your bathroom is waiting for.

Our doors and returns are packaged individually giving you flexibility with size requirements.

LOUVE Premium Slider

1200mm door $465
(range 1165-1180mm)

900mm return $265
(range 845-870mm)

Set price $730

LOUVE Slider Doors

900mm door $250
900mm return $300
(range 855-875mm)

1000mm door $265
1000mm return $335
(range 955-970mm)

LOUVE Pivot Doors

820 door $270
820 return $180
(range 770-800/810mm)

900 door $290
900 Return $190
(range 835-890/870mm)

1000 door $300
1000 Return $200
(range 935-990/970mm)

1200 Pivot Door $410
(range 1145-1195mm)

LOUVE Neo Angle Corner Door Range

Pivot door with two side panels

mix and match sections to suit your requirements

900 Neo $510 (set)

1000 Neo $530 (set)

Black Frame Slider Door Range

1220 Slider Door $967
(range 1180-1200mm)

1500 Slider Door $1113
(range 1460-1480mm)

900 Slider Return $398
(range 860-880mm)

1000 Slider Return $423
(range 960-980mm)

Black Bi Fold Door Range

900 Bi Fold Door LH or RH $828
900 Return Panel $398
(range 860-880mm)

1000 Bi Fold Door LH or RH $861
1000 Return Panel $423
(range 960-980mm)

Curved Slider Door

914x914 Curved Slider
two piece set $927
(range 850-875mm)

1000x1000 Curved Slider
two piece set $952
(range 950-975mm)

Frameless Range

900 Frameless Pivot Door $764
900 Frameless Return $419
(range 860-867mm)

1000 Frameless Pivot Door $794
1000 Frameless Return Panel $442
(range 960-967mm)

1220 Frameless Pivot Door $861
(range 1180-1187mm)

Semi Frameless Range

900 Semi Frameless Pivot Door $764
900 Semi Frameless Return $419
(range 860-885mm)

1000 Semi Frameless Pivot Door $794
1000 Semi Frameless Return $442
(range 960-985mm)

1220 Semi Frameless Pivot Door $861
(range 1180-1205mm)

Meeting AUS/NZ standards with toughened sanitary grade glass panels.
All are 2000mm in height and can be installed as left or right application.
Suitable for tiled floor or shower base installation.